Non commercial partnership "Automation directions in museums and information technologies" ADIT


The non-profit partnership "Automation Direction and Information Technologies" (ADIT) is an open association of professionals who work in the industries related to the informatization and gigital technologies in the cultural sector.

Created on the initiative of Lev Yakovlevich Nol, Alexander Viktorovich Dremailov and Dmitry Georgievich Pertsev in 1996, ADIT now has more than 100 individual and corporate members. Members of ADIT are employees of cultural and educational sectors responsible for information technology, and representatives of equipment and software vendors. This defines ADIT as a platform where mutually beneficial cooperation, exchange of experience takes place and where new professionals in the field of culture are grown, not only familiar with the latest innovations in the field of information technology, but also capable of building information systems, producing multimedia products, supporting and develop museum sites, maintain electronic archives and much more.

The main event of ADIT is the annual conference, which takes place in a new location every year. On the map of ADIT conferences there are 20 points, from the Solovetsky Islands to Minsk, from Khanty-Mansiysk to Perm, from Kazan to Petrozavodsk.

In 2020 our Annual Conference took place online, then we returned to traditional format with option to attend online. Since 2021 the conference was in Vladivostok, in 2022 moved to  Kaliningrad and for 2023 we are goint to Murmansk.

In 2013, Anna Mikhailova (now a member of the ADIT Presidium) recorded an interview with Alexander Dremailov, Lev Nol and Dmitry Pertsev. There they tell, among other things, about how, for whom and for what ADIT was created.

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