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Project Workshops


The ADIT Project Workshop is a two or three day workshop for discussing and designing museum communication strategies in the digital age. For the first time, ADIT workshops were held before the ADIT conference in Yelabuga (Tatarstan) in 2016 and then became part of the extended program of the annual ADIT conference: 2017 - Tver, 2018 - Saratov / Engels, 2019 - Yekaterinburg. In 2020, the workshops were held online using the Zoom and Moodle platforms with the support of the Vladimir Potanin Charitable Foundation. in 2021 and 2022 we returned to traditional face-to-face format (Vladivostok, Kaliningrad).

Workshop objectives

  • To form an idea of ​​approaches to designing an information strategy for memory institutions in the digital age;
  • Identify problem areas and deficiencies in communication, formulate principles for building museum expositions in the digital age and develop plans for its implementation;
  • To give participants an idea of ​​the ways and technologies by which collection information management works to communicate with audiences, including through automated information systems;
  • Contribute to the emergence of project ideas in the field of presentation of collections in the form of information, educational and cognitive products.

The experience gained during the workshops proved to be particularly valuable in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has greatly affected the work of museums around the world. About 40 people from more than 20 regions of Russia took part in the online workshops in 2020.

The main discussion at the 2020 workshops was about how museums have restructured their internal and external communication and how have they activated their external virtual presence? Why, under the lockdown, did museums so quickly master what they had not been able to master for decades and what they had never gotten their hands on? How and why did priorities that seemed unshakable change so quickly? Who and what does the modern online environment of the museum and its environment consist of? How is the audience of the museum changing, which ceases to be predominantly local? How will different museum departments have to restructure their work? How should this affect the formation of the information, communication and digital strategy of the museum and how will it affect professional competencies and the development of the professional sphere?

The workshops combine expert lectures, group work, presentations, discussions and business games. Workshops can be held online, offline at the customer's site or in a mixed format, where part of the audience works remotely, and part - in the classroom.

Agendas for recent workshops (in Russian)


Workshop final presentations (PDF, in Russian)



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